Lets Talk is a safe space for partners of adults affected by Aspergers Syndrome to give and receive support.

Many people arrive here feeling they haven't really been heard or understood before when trying to describe problems in their relationship. An important starting point is to connect with others who just 'get it' - because they feel (or have felt) that way too. Let's talk is here to help you to make those connections.

The forum cannot provide urgent help. It is run by a small group of volunteers and is not constantly active.

If you are looking for immediate support and are in the UK, please contact the emergency services (999), NHS (111), the Samaritans (116 123) or the National Autistic Society helpline (0808 800 4104 - not 24 hrs). If you are not in the UK, please contact the relevant services in your country of residence.

To ensure the privacy of our members, the forum is not visible to the public.
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