Asperger’s Syndrome Blogs

There is some wonderful, positive writing to be found on the subject of Aspergers Syndrome (AS)/Neurotypical(NT) relationships. Some are from the AS perspective and some from the NT, some from a parenting viewpoint, some from teens.

Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: “What! You too? I thought that no one but myself … —  C S Lewis.

Muddling Through Asperger’s:   Excellent blog about being married to someone with with AS. With children.

Positive Support for Women with Asperger Spouses  Julie writes from the perspective of an NT wife and mother of a young woman with autism.

Gavin Bollard’s blog gives an excellent account of life from all angles

Musings of an Aspie:  One woman’s thoughts about life on the spectrum which covers AS and marriage, AS and motherhood and adult diagnosis.

My Aspie Wife:  A husband’s perspective.

A life less ordinary  A well written blog from the perspective of an lady with Asperger’s Syndrome on parenting, working, worrying, science, writing, worrying (again!) and autism.

Aspie Girl  Amanda, a full time writer and tutor, writes for children and adults and blogs about her life as an Aspie.

The name of the Rose  Beautifully written blog by the Mum of a teenage girl with AS.