Getting started

Welcome to Different Together Talk, the home of our forums.

Before you dive in here's a little guided tour of Talk – how it works and how to make it work for you.

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What is where? | How do I join? | How do I post? | Where can I see what all the abbreviations mean? | What are the Talk rules? | How do you post smileys and links? | Can I change the way I view discussion threads? | How do I search the Talk boards? | What if I get stuck?

How Talk is organised

Let's Talk Forum is divided into sections and these sections are divided into Topics

There is also a list of the most Active Conversations on Let's Talk at the moment. Looking at this is a good way to get a flavour of the range of issues talked about.

Anyone with web access can read the Let's Talk discussion. But to post you need to join

Signing up for Let's Talk

To post on the Let's talk board, you need to sign up to different together (it's free) and choose a username.

You need a witty name. Txt spk, your year of birth or your very common real-life name: all bad. Oblique reference to Salinger book: good.

Contributing to discussions

To post on an existing discussion, scroll to the bottom of the 'page' to the Reply button. When you click this button you will be directed to a form where you can type your message into the box and, if you haven't already logged in, you will be prompted to login.

Before you post for the first time, do spend some time looking through threads to help you see the best/worst/funniest sides of Different Together.

If you want to see how your message will look before it goes on the board, click the Preview Message button (and then correct the message if you need to). 


  1. Never, ever write a post USING ALL CAPITALS.
  2. Don't sign your posts off with your posting name. lots of love janesmith xxx.
  3. Don't use text speak. And do use paragraphs.
  4. Be more specific on your thread title than, 'Help needed please'...
  5. Remember that anyone, anywhere can Google everything posted, so it's not a good idea to post identifying info or email addresses.
  6. Don't be frightened to ask how things are done. There are always posters who more than happy to point you in the right direction. We were all new once.

To start a discussion of your own, click on the right Topic and then click on Start a New Thread Within This Topic (at the bottom of the page). Fill in the Add Your Message Here box (as above) and also fill in the Subject Line box, to give your thread a title.

So, who are dh and ds? And what does TTC and AIBU mean? Different Together users use a whole load of acronyms and abbreviations on the Talk boards: some of them you may recognise from other forums. You can find a list of the most commonly used ones here.

Links and "Smileys"
There's a set of emoticons and shortcuts to allow you to bold or italicise words or cross them out (for comic effect). To find them look to the right of the Add Your Message Here box.

The simplest way to post a link is to copy and paste the link itself into the Add Your Message Here box. The site will automatically convert the message into a link.
You can also use the [url=][/url] tag, whatever you type after the = sign will cause the contents of that tag to act as a URL. For example to link to you could use:

[url=]Different Together[/url]

This would generate the following link, Different Together! Please notice that the link opens in a new window.

If you want the URL itself displayed as the link you can do this by simply using:


This would generate the following link,

Let's Talk rules

When posting, please use the same courtesy that you would show when speaking face-to-face with someone. In a nutshell, BE CIVIL.

Our policy is to keep intervention to a minimum and let the conversation flow. Having said that, we will remove postings that are obscene, contain personal attacks or break the law as soon as they are reported.

Searching the board

There is basic keyword search that searches all of Different Together (find it on the homepage next to getting started and disclaimer buttons). The search feature can find threads by keyword, date, topic and/or nickname

There is also a line of handy links on every Let's Talk page under the big Different Together - Let's Talk headline:

  • Last hour: A list of the threads that have been posted on during the last hour.

  • Last day: A list of the threads that have been posted on during the last day.

  • I'm on: A list of the threads you have posted on.

  • Threads I'm Watching: A list of threads you have selected to watch.

  • Threads I Started: A list of the threads you have started.