NT Partners Community Meet up

Being in touch with others in your situation can be a lifeline for the NT partner in a relationship. That connection can come as a great relief, validating how you’ve felt and taking away feelings of frustration and isolation.

In all your getting, get understanding. —  Jacqueline Woodson, Hush

Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak and following government and health guidelines no further DT Meetups will take place face to face until restrictions have been lifted. However, Meetup.com have provided an easy way for hosts to set up their meetups online. If you are a meetup host already, please consider doing this if you can.

If you are already connected to others in the DT Meetup group – whether by messaging within the Meetup group, or by phone, Facebook or email – we encourage you to check in with each other.  If you can, arrange to have a virtual coffee using Skype, FB video chat, FaceTime or WhatsApp.

Please stay safe, stay indoors and we look forward to being in touch the ‘other side’ of this crazy and frightening situation.