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‘Relationships and Asperger’s Syndrome’

The Crowne Plaza Hotel, Kings Cross, London

Saturday 11 May 2019

Tony is one of the world’s, perhaps the world’s,  greatest guru on ASD.  His book The Complete Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome is the definitive guide and his workshops and conferences sell out around the world, gaining the highest ratings.

This conference promises to be radically different as Tony, and we, want the audience to comprise not just of one sector but the people involved in AS:NT relationships, both partners and professionals.  This way we can begin to make real steps together in making life easier and better for both partners on a personal level and more widely.  In addition it will broaden and deepen professionals’ understanding of the challenges.

Neuro-diverse couples, NT and AS individuals, relationship counsellors and anyone interested in the AS/NT dynamic are invited to attend.

Tickets are now available to purchase.

*  Professionals attending the workshop will be able to request an attendance certificate following the event for CPD purposes.

Please note:  To take advantage of the ‘Early bird’ rates tickets must be purchased before Wednesday 19th December 2018.

                    Professionals *        £175

                    Adult single               £75

                    Couples                    £130

‘Early bird’ rates (available only until 19 December 2018):

                     Professionals *        £160

                     Adult single               £60

                     Couples                    £110

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