Asperger Partners – Look After You As Well

All happy and successful relationships require compromise from both parties. Often in an Asperger’s Syndrome (AS)/Neurotypical (NT) relationship it is the NT partner, whose nature tends to be more empathic, who will bend and adjust his/her needs to fit in with those of their partner. This may work well in the short term or initial stages of the relationship. However, the result of giving and compromising to such an extent over a long period of time can lead to feelings resentment and loss of identity.

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. —  Oscar Wilde

It is crucial for the happiness of both parties that the Neurotypical partner recognises the need to take time out and care for her/himself. These steps will be different for everyone. Take time to recall those things you enjoyed doing and make some time to do them again. Know that you are not alone (although it may feel that way).

  • Connect with other neurotypical partners in the same position for understanding, listening, support and advice.
  • Use what help is available, through a support group or therapy.
  • Rethink has a booklet on ‘Caring for Yourself

Find what works for you, the things that lift your spirits, re-energises or calms you. Take time out or join a class or course that suits you.